what we do:


At Creoshift we have a dedicated team of Software Engineers

We are ready to help you through the journey of creating bespoke software. Our team pride themselves in being great problem solvers who will rise to any challenge you wish to throw at them and always display a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.

The team is made up of experts from a range of differing specialities

This means we are fully equipped to take your rough idea through every stage, resulting in a polished piece of software. We love nothing better than nurturing your initial idea through each stage until it is fully functional, meeting all of your exact requirements.

We believe in an agile iterative process

Starting with your idea, or concept, we will build the basic application allowing you to tweak, mould and enhance as we journey through each development stage. By providing initial builds and preview releases we enable you to see your software take shape.

Let us help you on your journey through the digital process.

No matter how large or small your idea, concept or existing business need may be, contact us and allow us to be your guide through your digital journey, producing the very best software solution possible to meet your exact requirements.

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Creoshift SAL
Hajj Center, Zahle Highway
Zahle, Lebanon
Tel: +961 (8) 822224